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The Guild’s mission statement includes: "We Seek To Remove Barriers to Participation"  What is meant by “Barriers to Participation?”


Affordability • Extended Hours • Access to Studio Resources and Equipment •

Ability/Knowledge • Limits on Experimentation


We seek to have policies and processes that remove or reduce these potential barriers that individuals may encounter.

Does the Guild support Empty Bowls?

YES!!!   Throughout the year, The Guild will be assisting in organizing Empty Bowl Making events to support many of the Empty Bowls Programs within the Region.

What are the studio’s open hours?

We have none…what we offer is studio access to members with a studio access pass…after an orientation session, studio pass holders can reserve a time on the website and have access to the studio to work as they need to for however long they need to.  The expectation is that members be respectful of the space and equipment, and clean up after themselves.


Day pass holders can do the same thing.


Depending on the time of day, there may be a number of members working in the studio simultaneously, and there may be studio staff present to offer additional guidance if required.


Studio staff can be made available via a session appointment if you need guidance and support to move forward with your work.

Why does the Guild not offer 6-8 week classes like other art centers and studios? 

We all have different learning styles and there are many class structures offered. We want studio pass holders to  learn at a pace that suits them best.


Life is crazy and we get that….it’s really difficult to thrive at anything in a 2 hour a week window.  So we have removed that from the equation.


The guild has chosen to offer a model that is ‘people convenience centered’ in that studio pass holders can access on their time, however often they want or need to work in the studio.


We understand that clay work takes time, focus and practice.  This flexible access allows for that to occur.


Why only $30 a month for a Studio Access Pass? What's the catch?

Our mission directs us to do everything possible to make studio work open and as affordable as possible.  The fees are the minimum we can charge to maintain the equipment, cover business expenses and to keep the lights on.  


Financial / equipment, material and supply donations to the Guild also help lower our overhead costs.  And we are all volunteers.  No payroll at this time means lower fees for everyone.

What does it look like to participate as an artist vendor at a pottery guild table?

Throughout the year, POCG will be vendors at key art markets throughout our identified region.  Our booth will be large enough to present any guild member’s ceramic items they may wish to sell.


Maybe your inventory is not robust enough to fill an entire booth yourself or you are just testing the waters with starting to sell your work.  


This opportunity is for you if you want to sell your work, whether you have one or thirty pieces on the table. 


We cooperatively sell together using Guild branded displays and sales processes.  You just need to show up with your price tagged pots! Help out and work the booth.  All items sold in this manner by members are covered under the Guild’s insurance policy as well.  As a qualified vendor we are set up to accept most payment forms like cc, Venmo, PayPal, etc.  There are processing and vendor fees that are associated with this opportunity.  Reach out if you would like additional information on how to join in on this opportunity.

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