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PennOhio Clay Guild

Beanpod Studio Guidelines




  • Positive Encouragement Always

  • We refrain from:

    • Discussing Politics, Religion & Others In a Negative Manner


  • Be Honest  •  Be Kind To Others 


  • Understand that we all learn differently and at our own pace


  • Try New Things


  • Ask for suggestions about your work if you want them

    • Please do not offer suggestions on the work of others unless asked

  • No smoking in or around outside area of the properties​


  • No Weapons of any kind permitted within the property / buildings’ area

  • Got a problem? Talk it out  •  Don’t let it fester 


IN THE STUDIO - Ask for help - that’s why WE are all here


  • No mixing clay bodies (cross contamination)  • Understand what your clay body is - Cone/Name 


  • Don’t mix different glazes / brushes in original container - put smaller amount in another container


  • Leave things clean, the way you found them or better


  • Upon arrival put away tools that have been drying at the sink


  • Nothing leaves the studio that is not yours without asking first

    • Use Sign out Sheet after approval to borrow

    • If you borrow a book, a tool or something else, please return it for others to use

  • Label your pieces / shelf with name, clay body, etc


  • Don’t touch or move other potter’s clay pieces • ask for those items to be moved


  • No clay down right side single/double sink


  • WATER, CLAY & GLAZE ONLY in MAIN CLAY SINK Section -  3 part left side sink - No soap 


  • Follow all safety guidelines presented at time of activity


  • Supervised Kiln and Pug Mill use only


  • After wedging, wipe down wedge table before throwing, so others may use 

  • Do not use a broom to sweep in the studio. We use wet vac with water when needed.


  • Everyone makes mistakes - if something happens such as; mixing clay bodies together accidentally, or something breaks, or something just does not seem right, please inform staff - let us know so that we can fix and isolate to prevent future issues.

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