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Education Coordinator

Job Description: The Education Coordinator is intended to manage the programming and curriculum of the studio. This team member should be able to manage classes, clientele, teachers, and other staff, and create schedules for these aspects of the business. This role relies heavily on customer service experience, as well as the ability to create a strong educational structure and rotation of classes.

The ideal candidate would be relatively self-directed and motivated to create the best class experience he/she can. This person would also be able to work within the systems already set up by many years of trial and error of this particular Studio, while also being flexible in finding new solutions to problems as they arise. The Education Coordinator would also need to work in conjunction regularly with the team of the Owner, Lead Production Potter, Assistant to Production, and the Studio Technician, as the areas are interdependent, will have overlap, and require strength in every area to function well as a whole. This staff person must constantly be working to improve and create better organization and quality of the Studio’s educational component via educational goals, teacher hiring and training, regular brochures and should not wait for direction before seeing what needs to be done.

Because the Education Coordinator requires a significant level of “on boarding” and training by Stray Cat staff, and the position is best achieved by staff continuity, we do require a 2 year commitment.

Ideal Characteristics:

  • ● Strong organizational skills.

  • ● Experience in formal art education would be desired, but not required.

  • ● Strong understanding of ceramics and education, and knowing what skills and projects would enhance growth for students long term.

  • ● Ability to self-direct on to-do lists, and anticipate what needs to be done.

  • ● Flexibility in working with other team members, and a desire to utilize the full team’s expertise in problem solving.

  • ● Ability to seek compromise and work with members to find solutions that fit their needs as well as the Studio’s.

  • ● Maturity around conflict management, both in this position, but also helping teachers and students to resolve theirs.

  • ● Strong working knowledge and experience in ceramics, and a curiosity that is willing to seek out answers from many sources when they are unknown.

  • ● Interest in ongoing learning and professional development opportunities around ceramics, art education, organizational skills, emotional health, conflict resolution, leadership, etc.

  • ● Strong interpersonal skills and ability to help teachers, students and others feel welcomed and valued in the shared studio and classroom spaces.

  • ● Reliable and trustworthiness around task completion without follow up from others.

  • ● Ability to navigate many computer technology programs and systems. It is expected that the employee will make time to become familiar with these programs and apps where there are gaps in knowledge or expertise.


  • ● 20 Hours a week to begin.

  • ● Required to work one day a week in the studio between the hours of 9 AM - 5 PM during social distancing restrictions. Hours can be more flexible once the restrictions are lifted and a greater quantity of people can be in the Studio at the same time.

  • ● Attend staff meetings as needed (1x weekly minimum). Communication:

  • ● Must check and respond to emails regularly, at a minimum of Monday-Friday, 9a-5p., and be available to answer all customer, teammate, and member communication within 24 hours.

  • ● Be comfortable with emails and texts with coworkers and members to communicate about projects/events.

  • ● Ability to navigate many computer technology programs and systems: Google Drive, calendar and gmail, Trello (for organizing orders), Dropbox, Mac computer systems, Square for selling, among others. It is expected that the employee will make time to become familiar with these programs and apps until competency is achieved. General Tasks:

  • ● Curate curriculum and long term learning objectives for SCS programming.

  • ● Teach one class per term.

  • ● Hire all teachers in accordance with SCS culture and expectations.

  • ● Develop a training program for both on-site class teachers and Mud-on-the-Move (off-site classes). As representatives of Stray Cat Studio, it is expected that all teachers are not only prepared for ceramic instruction, but also classroom management, logistics, and Stray Cat Studio culture.

  • ● Assess needs of students and members for topics of instruction needed/wanted.

  • ● Plan and announce class terms 6 months in advance

  • ● Compile class schedule onto hard copy brochure as needed, and always list current classes on website.

  • ● Manage registrations and sign-ups, and communicate to teachers and other staff as needed.

  • ● Follow up all questions and leads about classes.

  • ● Manage all Mud-on-the-Move (MOTM) inquiries, scheduling, teacher preparation.

  • ● Train rotating teacher team to do MOTM and maintain all necessary supplies

  • ● Keep the Studio van in good working order, and organize it for MOTM or other use.

  • ● Organize Small Projects and keep track of booked sessions.

  • ● Contact customers about projects and manage pick up in a way that is customer-friendly and efficient. Liaison with Studio Technician

  • ● Work alongside Studio Technician to facilitate and follow completion of projects.

  • ● Develop systems to manage class projects through the kilns and return to students in an efficient and orderly manner.

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